Terms and conditions LXRY.travel

1. Definitions

1.1 Visitor means any party accessing LXRY.travel or using the information provided. This includes subscribers of LXRY.travel.

1.2 Information means data, information, special offers, documents, images, files, well ass any other content material found on LXRY.travel.

1.3 LXRY.travel means all pages of LXRY.travel.

1.4 Terms and Conditions are all terms and conditions as described below.

2. Applicability

2.1 These site Terms and Conditions apply to access LXRY.travel and use of information (including all special offers on LXRY.travel well as all LXRY.travel services). If the visitor does not accept these Terms and Conditions, the visitor does not have the right to make use of LXRY.travel or of the services offered by LXRY.travel

2.2 LXRY.travel reserves the right to amend or change these terms and conditions unilaterally and without prior notice.

3. Ownership and intellectual property rights

3.1 This site is protected by copyright. Unless stated otherwise, all rights, including all intellectual property rights, belong to LXRY.travel and all information is owned by LXRY.travel.

3.2 The visitor is permitted to browse through LXRY.travel. The visitor is not permitted to copy details of addresses and texts, unless it is for private, personal and non-commercial use on a single computer and/or for printing the occasional hard copy. All reproductions must clearly show the copyright notice (©LXRY.travel).

3.3 The information may not be modified in any way and graphics may not be used separately from the accompanying text. No part whatsoever of LXRY.travel may be stored or reproduced in any other website or framed.

3.4 A visitor or a third party is not permitted, without prior written consent by LXRY.travel and other than by a hyperlink, to establish a link, deep link or gateway between LXRY.travel and any other (Internet) site, (meta) search engine or computer network.

3.5 No information pertaining to addresses on LXRY.travel may be transferred to other databases. Simultaneous emailing of commercial and non-commercial information to more than one address is strictly prohibited. A large number of addresses contained in the online database of LXRY.travel are randomly checked to monitor adherence to the terms aUnless stated otherwise all brand names and logos on this site are the property of LXRY.travel. These brand names and logos may not be used without prior written permission by LXRY.travel

3.7 Any use, other than stated here, is strictly prohibited. All rights not expressly granted in these terms and conditions are reserved.

3.8 Use of the site or reproduction of any materials on the site which is in breach of the terms and conditions carries a penalty of € 10,000, which will be owed by the violating party without a warning notice or other prior notification. In the case of address details being used to send emails without the prior consent of LXRY.travel, a penalty of € 1,000 will be imposed per infringement, whereby each notice in a detected email will be regarded as an individual offence. The violating party must immediately cease the infringement and will owe the amount of € 500 in addition to the previously mentioned amount for each offense.

4. Limitation of liability

4.1 LXRY.travel has taken great care to provide the correct information on this site. However, LXRY.travel cannot guarantee the accuracy or the contents of the information or of the site itself.

4.2 The information placed on LXRY.travel refers exclusively to the personal particulars of the advertiser and reviews from visitors to the site. LXRY.travel is no way liable for the contents of this information.

4.3 The visitor is fully responsible for the use of the information and the visitor shall personally check whether the information is accurate and complete.

4.4 Under no circumstances is LXRY.travel liable for any damages arising from:

a. the use or the contents of LXRY.travel or the information.

b. the use or the contents of the information on any site to which a link has been established on LXRY.travel or any site which establishes a link to LXRY.travel.

c. violation through (the use of) LXRY.travel or the information on the rights of third parties. The above does not apply in as far as the damages are the result of gross negligence or intention on the part of LXRY.travel.

4.5 If transactions between the visitor and third parties come about LXRY.travel, LXRY.travel is not involved in such transactions whatsoever. These terms and conditions do not apply to such transactions and LXRY.travel is not liable in any way for damages resulting from such transactions or the results of these transactions.

4.6 Whilst LXRY.travel endeavours to ensure that the site is normally available 24 hours a day, LXRY.travel will not be liable should, for whatever reason, the site be unavailable at any time or for any period. Access to LXRY.travel may be suspended temporarily or permanently without prior notice. LXRY.travel reserves the right to refuse a visitor or other party access to LXRY.travel at any given time and without stating reasons and furthermore reserves the right to take technical measures to enforce this. LXRY.travel shall not be liable for any damages resulting from this.

4.7 The advertising terms and conditions and the general terms and conditions are applicable to all our services.

5. Equipment

5.1 The visitor shall be responsible for the purchase, use and maintenance of all telephone equipment, computer hardware and other equipment required to visit and use LXRY.travel. LXRY.travel shall not be liable for any damages to the visitor's equipment resulting from the use of or visits to the site.

6. Personal information

6.1 During the visit to LXRY.travel, the visitor’s personal particulars are collected and processed by LXRY.travel. LXRY.travel privacy policy provides details on the collection and processing of this personal information.

7. Governing law and disputes

7.1 These terms and conditions and any (other) agreement between visitor and LXRY.travel shall be governed exclusively in accordance with the laws of the Netherlands. Disputes, which are not settled amicably, will be submitted to the competent judge in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

7.2 Visitor is responsible for compliance with any applicable laws of the country from which the visitor is accessing LXRY.travel.

7.3 If any of these terms and conditions should be determined to be, fully or partly, unlawful, void or otherwise unenforceable, then the parties are considered to have agreed terms on the subject which, in intent and result, are as close as possible to the terms determined unlawful, void or otherwise unenforceable and which are lawful, valid and enforceable.

8. Passports, Visas and travel restrictions

8.1 It is the guest’s sole responsibility to obtain and have available when necessary, the appropriate valid travel documents. All guests are advised to check with the appropriate government authority to determine the necessary documents. A valid passport is required to any citizen travelling to all international destinations. Passports must be valid for at least six (6) months after the return of your journey and should also have sufficient blank visa pages for entry and exit stamps. Many destinations also require a visa; this should be checked by the guest before booking. Citizens of other countries should contact the appropriate consular office for entry requirements pertaining to their journey, including Covid19 travel restrictions. You may be refused boarding or disembarked from a plane, vessel or train without liability for refund, payment, compensation, or credit of any kind if you do not have proper documentation. You may be refused entering to a country if you don’t comply with local travel regulations and restrictions in full. LXRY.travel cannot considered responsible for any of these travel disruptions as it is sole guests' responsibility to obtain all necessary information about travel restrictions and regulations, before booking any service.

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