Norrbottens län
Lapland Ice Driving

Lapland Ice Driving

93090, 93090 Arjeplog, Norrbottens län, Sweden

Ultimate Experience


$ 3,803  

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Lapland Ice Driving : the world’s largest driving centre

9 exceptional circuits
Private 1,250 acre domain
Just 3 Km from Arjeplog on the frozen Lake Udjaur,
the 9 circuits are constructed and maintained each winter
for the exclusive use of Lapland Ice driving by CARTEST AB,
one of the largest ice track specialists and supplier to many motor manufacturers.

By ploughing the deep powder snow which covers the ice, the actual tracks are traced out.
This snow is then removed by powerful blowers.
The tracks are lined each side with a bed of fresh snow which can stop the cars gently if they come off the track- hence vehicles will only suffer limited damage to spoilers, sills and other plastic panels.
Finally, a « snow-grader » « claws » the surface, providing maximum grip and smoothness.
GPS helps in ensuring that the circuits are a faithful reproduction of the circuits.


Spoken languages:
English, Swedish

Airport Shuttle service, Breakfast (optional), Dinner (optional), Drinks (optional), Hotel (optional), Lunch (optional), Snacks (optional)