Gulfstream G-IVSP

2755 International Drive, 60185 West Chicago,, Illinois, United States

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Private Jet Charter – Heavy Class

This private aircraft, the Gulfstream IV and its derivatives (family of twin-jet aircraft) are often used for private family vacations, executive business use and destination or event purposed traveling. Often users of the private jets are going to important face-to-face C-Level business meetings. On the contrary, many families with children, pets, and odd sized luggage take advantage of the private jet charter option. This ‘heavy class’ private aircraft was designed to improve performance and as an refinement on the Gulfstream III. Included in the improvements were wing modifications resulting in lower cruise drag and a larger fuel volume. These aerodynamic enhancements expanded the range by more than 300 nautical miles. These upgrades make this luxury private jet a pleasurable experience. Whether the aircraft is being utilized as a business jet traveling with an executive team enroute to a critical board meeting, the vehicle for the family vacation or as a bonus reward to top selling company representatives, the flight is delightful.

If you want to fly in style then look no further than the Gulfstream G-IVSP. This heavy class business jet boasts posh, executive seating for 12 and includes amenities such as TVs with DVD, a satellite phone, dining for four and a split cabin with seating for three people. The luggage capacity on this aircraft has a maximum of 169 cubic feet providing ample space to bring the extra suit cases. This is a supreme long-range, large-cabin twin turbofan business jet which has a cruising altitude of 45,000 ft.

The seating arrangements in this heavy class private jet includes in the forward cabin, a three person divan (or couch) and two over-sized leather seats. The mid-cabin contains over-sized leather seating for three and in addition, seating for four with a table for dining or which can easily be used for work or board games. A full galley and fully enclosed lavatory will also be found in the Gulfstream G-IVSP cabin.

Contact us with any questions about this Chicago based Private Jet or any other size private jets in our Chicago based fleet. We are dedicated to our passengers’ comfort and safety first of all. Our team of aviation specialists will attend to your every desire and request. Call today to make our next flight YOUR flight.

RANGE 4,100 mi.

Aircraft category:
  • Heavy Jet
Aircraft type:
  • Gulfstream IV
Maximum number of passengers:
  • 12
  • 4100 nautical miles
Number of crew members:
  • 2
Flight attendant(s):
  • Optional
  • Galley
  • Inflight entertainment
  • Telephone
  • Lavatory
Inflight service:
  • Dining (optional)
  • Snacks
Spoken languages:
  • English
Name of operator:
  • DuPage Aerospace
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